Millicent St. Claire Is

Human By Birth.
Enlightened By Choice.

International Speaker

Master PhotoReading Trainer

Best Selling Author

LIGMO Luminary!


Got stress, drama, and ridiculousness in your life?
Are you yearning for more, but find yourself coming up against blockages
that get in the way of your fulfillment?
I offer unique, one-of-a-kind programs that can help you have the happy life you want
without waiting or waiting on anyone to give it to you!

PhotoReading & Accelerated Learning

Learn Faster, Better, & Master The Information Age!

Ready to master the information age and beat our global competitors? Then you want PhotoReading and Accelerated Learning Methods to experience more of our natural brilliance and help you gain access to more of your brain's genius potential.

  • Increase your memory and comprehension
  • Discover your multiple intelligences and how to activate them for improved learning
  • Learn to breeze through books at starting at 25,000 wpm!

HeartMath for Emotional Management

Learn Emotional Management Methods & Get Free!

Are stress, hypertension, depression or anger getting the best of you? Let Millicent teach you HeartMath's phenomenal science based protocol to change your heart because a change of heart, changes everything.

  • Transform your physiological response to stress and increase communication and productivity
  • Identify habitual stressful thought patterns which affect your blood pressure and overall health
  • Increase the vitality hormone DHEA and enjoy its many benefits

LIGMO Resiliency Training & Coaching

It will be the best investment you ever make.

Got unwanted stress and drama in your life or the workplace, that eats up precious time and affects productivity? LIGMO offers practical principles and tools to help you Let It Go so that you can Move On to a rewarding and happy life.

  • Identify events, environments, perceptions, and attitudes that trigger stress
  • Examine the impact of stressful emotions, responses, beliefs, and behaviors
  • Learn emotional-management tools to decrease stress and increase personal vitality

Join The #LIGMO Movement!

Join the global movement of those who are letting go of old, ridiculous, worn out attitudes, beliefs and barriers to humanism and expansion, including but not limited to: racism; sexism; fatalism; hatred; and/or judgment of any who are different or struggling with the human experience. This movement stresses letting go of everything that is simply ridiculous and moving to our higher good as evolving human/spiritual beings!

Join me on this conversation towards personal transformation and awakening!

See Millicent St. Claire In Action!

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Buy A Copy of her best-selling
book series now!

Negativity & Drama Is
Simply Ridiculous!

Simply Ridiculous is a powerful and simple book, containing 50 eye-opening illustrations of an adorable stick figure heroine named MeMe who struggles to overcome self-limiting beliefs, attitudes and behaviors.

MeMe finally comes to realize that these unbecoming attitudes won’t lead to happiness and life fulfillment and she finally learns how to LIGMO! - meaning Let It Go and Move On! Based on the author’s own life experiences and insights, Simply Ridiculous provides a pictogram of the human experience.


The Journey To Living
An Awakened Life Starts With
Letting Go!

Real Testimonials!  Real Results!

"Your courses are amazing and transformational and participating in your HeartMath, PhotoReading and LIGMO workshops have helped me stretch myself in ways I hadn’t previously considered. I gladly recommend your courses to everyone I meet"

Linda Porcher, Morehouse School of Medicine

"Millicent's primary strengths are her depth of knowledge and abundant level of energy in all she does! I've had the privilege to work with Millicent in a variety of challenging settings, and her "Can Do!" attitude permeates the atmosphere for all around her to experience success. Millicent possesses a unique set of talents which enable her to lead others in a manner consistent with her prior successes as the consummate "Hands On" professional with many accomplishments to her credit. It's my pleasure to highly recommend Millicent; you should her counsel!"

Tom Kavanaugh, MA

"Millicent is a phenomenal woman in every sense of the word and her coaching program is outstanding. As a therapist, I am continually impressed at the transformative impact she has on girls and women in her LIGMO coaching program"

Dr. Torri Griffin, LPC

"Millicent and I presented on the same panel at a Men's Prison Re-Entry Program...let's just say I was glad I did not follow Millicent St. Claire! I felt drawn and connected to Ms. St. Claire from the moment I met her. Her passion, energy and ability to connect with EVERY ONE is, I am sure, both a gift and a well-honed skill! I observed her work a room of 60 tattooed, tough but vulnerable (and trying not to show it) incarcerated men who were "putty" in her hands by the time she was finished! As I sat there watching her in action, I began to think of the countless ways we could partner in the future and how much my client base could benefit from her wisdom. I am enthralled and you will be too!"

Kim Butler Thomas, Merck Pharmaceuticals

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Let Go & Start Living!

Millicent St. Claire programs utilize breakthrough discoveries in neural and cognitive sciences to help business professionals, women and students let go of self-limiting beliefs and behaviors and have a new experience of themselves. Having overcome tremendous personal life challenges, Millicent’s dynamic mix of innovative learning techniques and authentic sharing results in an inspiring program that deliver results!