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Resiliency Life Training is Empowering

Resiliency starts with mastering stress

Developing emotional intelligence helps to get up when life knocks you down. This includes a deeper understanding stress. Many people look at outside events as the source of stress, but in fact, the experience of stress is actually caused by our emotional reactions to life happenings.

Millicent shares the following:

  • How to become more aware of the internal dialogue which triggers a stress response

  • Learn to respond versus react

  • How to stop giving so much significance to insignificant situations

  • Increase emotional intelligence and reframe stressful events into growth opportunities

  • How to dissipate stress and reduce blood pressure in minutes

  • Become more resilient to the constant changes in our world using a simple protocol to get out of chaos and into peace in minutes

Read more on Contemporary Stress and its impact.

A Change of Heart
Changes Everything! 
Are You In or Out of Sync?
You get to choose.


Negative emotions such as anxiety, frustration and anger create increased disorder and incoherence in your autonomic nervous system, which are reflected in chaotic heart rhythm patterns. This disorder causes a chain reaction in our bodies that results in physical and emotional drains and lead to illnesses.


In contrast, positive emotions such as love, care, and appreciation create increased harmony in the nervous system, as well as the heart and brain when working together harmoniously.

If you're experiencing stress, anxiety, anger, hypertension, or depression, the Resiliency Life Training provides tools to shift away from these destructive emotions and empowers you with a new awareness and the ability to control your emotions and not let them control you.

“I now realize that life really should be lived as a playful discovery of what is possible. The joyful exercises and laughter helped me realize how much stress I’ve internalized and the impact it has had on me. Millicent opened me up in an unexpected way that helped me see how ridiculous I had become.” 
-John Davidson, Retail Account Executive
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