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Fun Keynotes that Lighten It Up with Lots of Levity!
Ever experience death by lecture? Well there will be none of that in Millicent's keynotes or trainings! She brings substance, positive energy and fun. And who doesn't want that? It's the stuff life is made of!


Millicent's style is lighthearted, zany and fun. But don't be fooled by her girlish style because this woman brings real life, hard knocks experience, and then she backs it up with mindblowing science that drives home the relevance of her message! You will learn new things about yourself and have fun while doing so.


After conference business and conversations are complete, people want to let their hair down, relax and have and enjoy themselves! And what would be wrong with that? Absolutely Nothing and this is why you want to hire Millicent to help enhance your next event.


Millicent will warm your heart with her smile and will also having you laughing at the ridiculous things we're all guilty of. She teases and says, "We're all haivng the human experience, so it better to laugh about it together than cry about it alone!"


You will enjoy working with Millicent as she crafts a message to fit your organizations needs, and weave the Let It Go, Move On theme seamlessly into it. Your people will enjoy the experience and the message will remain long after she's gone.


Hire Millicent for your next event and your committee will make you a hero!


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