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Develop a Dynamic Mindset with LIGMO!

Learning HOW TO let it go and move on is a process, and a skill to be developed and is critical for success.

A great number of people are reactionary and out of control emotionally. It's essential to develop skills to let go of old programs and develop emotional intelligence and resiliency. Based on Millicent's best selling book, Negativity and Drama is Simply Ridiculous!, she uses a stick figure to illuminate ridiculousness and what to do about it.

In this interactive and fun course, you will learn:

  • Increased self-awareness and conection to who you really are

  • How old wounds and suffering have kept you in bondage

  • Appreciation for how your body-mind works and begin to take control

  • Stop giving your power away and take total responsiblity for your life

  • Methods for emotional management so you begin to respond vs. react

  • Commitment to be your best self, no matter what!

  • Skills for resiliency in the midst of change and upheaval

LIGMO is more than Learning something cute to say.
It's a way of life as letting go is a moment by moment choice.
I can't say enough about the power of Millicent's LIGMO Seminars. It has universal appel and is based on three simple principles that everyone is able to grasp and embrace without resistance. My staff can't stop talking about it!
-Cheryl B.C. Stone, Director DeKalb Workforce Development
I help Students Develop Leadership Skills with LIGMO!

LIGMO helps Students improve Academically and Socially!

Students Leaders understand the need to let go of stress and drama, they just need the tools to make it happen. This program provides an experience​ which develops confidence to release doubts, disruptions and distractions and excel.

The LIGMO Workshops are perfect for Student Leadership Retreats and covers:

  • Let Go of the ridiculous and get going in college

  • LIGMO for Residence Life Drama

  • LIGMO for Student Leadership

Before and After LIGMO Coaching
Both of these MeMe images are from my book Simply Ridiculous! Its obvious and not up for debate that stress is having a terribly negative effect on us and having an impact on our personal and professional relationships. If you are not in contol of your emotions, just who is in control? Are you ready to take control of your feelings so that they don't dominate you and ruin your life?
With LIGMO coaching, you learn emotional management methods to keep your lid on and to stop giving so much significance to insignificent things! When we go into overcare, things get to be too much and we can loose it. Becoming more self-aware, taking resonsiblity for your choices and your feelings are the first steps towards personal mastery.
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