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Are you ready to develop the 
Mindset and Skillset
that will help you achieve your goals?

My Training Programs are perfect for you if you're:

  • Emancipate yourself from old attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs 
    and create a powerful mindset that keeps you focused on what's important with my LIGMO Let It Go Move On strategies.


  • Committed to develping a skillset that will serve you in every area of your life using the PhotoReading Whole Mind System.



As one who grew up in an environment filled with adversity and negative programs, I’m committed to helping high achievers and inspired learners to emancipate themselves from poor models of behavior and communication and learn to be their best selves.


My passion and focus is getting free from negativity and drama and develop personal leadership skills starting with emotional management and communication tools for success. This starts by increasing self-awareness and learning how to take total responsibility for every thought, word and deed.

I’m most experienced in transforming hearts and minds through a variety of innovative science based programs and accelerated learning methods to create a new vision of self.

In addition my college experience at Mercer University, I was highly attracted to non-traditional educational programs and I pursed advanced certifications and licensing in the following areas:

  • Accelerated Learning Instructor
  • Master NLP-Neurolinguistic Programing Trainer & Hypnotist
  • HeartMath Resilient Educator & One-on-One Coach
  • Master Certifying PhotoReading Instructor and Seminar Leader
  • Developer of The LIGMO Resiliency Coaching Program
  • Laughter Yoga Leader & Trainer

Organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control, local government agencies and universities bring me back repeatedly as my message is inspirational, timely and relevant.

I’ve emancipated myself from playing the victim role and I help bring out the best in others!



Fortunately I’ve overcome many life-threatening and violent challenges including an extremely abusive relationship and self-degrading behaviors due to NO self-esteem. It took a sledge hammer to wake me up from denial and I finally made the changes necessary to have the happy life I deserve.


We’re a nation that holds dear our right to free speech, but our culture has become saturated with disrespectful and irresponsible attitudes and even our intimates think they can say anything to anyone at anytime without consequences. However, the brunt of foul language is painful, and can even become deadly as evidenced by the increase in violence in our society. 


I’ve personally experienced the deep impact of verbal and physical violence and I myself have even reacted violently in response with terrible consequences. At this stage of my life, I’ve emancipated myself from playing the victim role. I no longer live in old stories and instead, I talk about what's beyond the traumas of the past. I focus on creating a life of beauty and contribution and help others do the same.


As a result, I’ve emerged as one with insight, compassion and tools that work and in order to ‘stop the violence’ we’ve got to heal old wounds and improve our perception of ourselves first and foremost. My empowering resiliency program was born out of a personal need to break free from relationships filled with strife and is a ministry of love.

My Message


In these confusing times, brains are scrambled, distracted and programmed by mass media. We have forgotten the reality of who we are as unique, one-of-a kind, miracles of the Universe. It takes discipline and focus to awaken and re-discover our essence and personal power.


Here are two challenging questions I ask all audiences:

  • If you’re not being your best self, what are you doing?

  • If you’re not bringing out the best in others, just what are you doing?


I share simple heart-based solutions to increase self-awareness and learn how to be your best self and to lead by example, thus being able bring out the best in others.


Some of the benefits include:

  • Lasting impact through the use of story, metaphor, and humor to get free from unbecoming beliefs and behaviors

  • Practice simple exercises to relieve stress and help transform grievances and old perceptions

  • Personal and organizational transformation

There are so many things in life that are simply ridiculous and it's time to let them go and move on to your higher good where you belong!
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