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Greetings Ladies, Sisters and Friends!
  • Are you suffering from positive discontentment, unsatisfied with your outcomes, knowing deep down inside that your life should be different?

  • Do you feel stuck in a rut in a relationship or dead end job, unsure of what to do?

  • Do you feel trapped on a treadmill of negative thoughs and feelings with no way out?

  • Are you tired of living the same old dried up story that even you're tired telling?


Surely you are ready to experience a happy life free of drama and ridiclousness or you wouldn't be reading this!

Being healthy, happy and wise is your birthright and God's will for you is perfect happiness, and its closer than you think! As in right at your fingertips, but first, you have to be ready to let go of old worn out conditions so you can experience the vast new possibilities that await you!


And you can take it from someone who has been to hell and back. In my coaching, I tell the truth and I use my past experiences as a shinning example of the ridiculous to help open up conversations that are authentic and bring about transformation at the deepest levels.


The one who tells the truth gets free, but no one said it would be pretty. There is no judging, condeming, or criticizing, but we peel back the layers and do the work, taking total responsibility for our lives, our choices, and our outcomes! This coaching program isn't for cowards, its only for those with brave hearts. A change of heart changes everything.

If you're ready to discover how the LIGMO Resiliency Coaching Program can help you learn to LET GO of suffering and drama, let's have a heart to heart....
Before and After LIGMO Coaching
Both of these MeMe images are from my book Simply Ridiculous! Its obvious and not up for debate that stress is having a terribly negative effect on us and having an impact on our personal and professional relationships. If you are not in contol of your emotions, just who is in control? Are you ready to take control of your feelings so that they don't dominate you and ruin your life?
In my coaching program, you learn emotional management methods to keep your lid on and to stop giving so much significance to insignificent things! When we go into overcare, things get to be too much and we can loose it. Becoming more self-aware, learning emotional managment and taking resonsiblity for your choices and your feelings are the first steps towards personal mastery.
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