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One of the things I’m learning to let go of is “jumping the gun” and assuming I know what’s coming out of other people’s mouths. I haven’t been listening with my heart. I realize how ridiculous, rude and presumptuous that is! 
– Shannon R. Atlanta, GA


Something in your little book really touched me at the core. I realize that I’m not a victim, although I had been playing that role to the hilt. You’re right when you say it is a “ridiculously unbecoming role.” Thanks for this book. It is a real gift.  – Jackie T.  Nashville, TN


My favorite part of your book is the three questions: Can you let it go? Will you let it go and When? When I take time and ask myself these questions, it makes it easier for me to LIGMO. Thanks for opening my eyes with your simple life-changing truth and formula.  – Brandon H. Birmingham, AL


I realize how much significance I’ve been giving to insignificant things that have been consuming my life energy. I’m tired of giving my power away to such ridiculous things. – Roberta M.


I’m learning to stop making my in-laws my out-laws by changing my own attitude. Boy have things gotten better between us!  – Sherry J.


As a result of hearing you speak and reading your book, I’m taking the high road these days and choosing how I want to show up instead of reverting to my old ridiculous programming. You’ve helped me to see how unproductive and destructive my old reactions are. Thank you.  – Miguel O.


I’m getting over my ridiculous self and learning to be who I really am. I say your affirmation everyday: I am a unique, one of a kind, miracle of the universe! I’m really starting to believe it and I see the evidence of it in my life. Thank you for the simplicity of your message and such powerful words.  –  Tanya C.


The funny thing is, when I show people the book, they always steal my copy! I’ve decided to buy a case and just give them away since the message is resonating so deeply with my friends.  – Jay L.


Millicent, since your seminar, we’re all doing as you suggested and holding one another accountable by reminding each other to LIGMO whenever any drama starts to show up. It really helps to have everyone on the same page. No one gets defensive and we all just laugh at our ridiculous selves! Thank you for sharing the process.  – Rachel S.

“The LIGMO Course and Philosophy is a mind, body and spirit experience rooted in virtues.  I got tools I can apply to every area of my life!” – Jamila Canady, Associate Director, Continuing Education, Spelman College, Atlanta, GA


“Now that I know how my internal software and hardware work (my body-brain), I can tackle any learning task without stress and with complete confidence. That’s how PhotoReading has made a difference in my life.”  
– Liz Perez, Student, University of Georgia


“The LIGMO program helped me confront ridiculous negative messages I had internalized about myself. I’m letting go of the ridiculous and getting going in college” 
– Stephanie Johnson, Student, Rutgers College


“Millicent’s LIGMO message is timely, pertinent and should be extensively shared.” – Dr. Richard C. Caldarola, Troy State University, Atlanta, GA


“I loved the way we used all of our senses and mental abilities in your course. I am empowered with a new understanding of who I am and what I’m capable of. Thanks for helping me learn to LIGMO and get outside the self-limiting box I had been living inside of!”  – Attilia Gonzalez, Student Spelman College


“LIGMO is both fun and enlightening and I’m committed to living the LIGMO Lifestyle which is one of freedom and joy!’”
– Christiana Holbrook, Student, Troy State University


“I now realize that life really should be lived as a playful discovery of what is possible. The joyful exercises and laughter helped me realize how much stress I’ve internalized and the impact it has had on me. Millicent opened me up in an unexpected way that helped me see how ridiculous I had become.”  – John Davidson, Retail Account Manager


“Thank you for showing us another way to learn, read and communicate with PhotoReading in an environment where print and electronic information is always changing. I agree with participants who said that you were the best teacher they ever had. With LIGMO, we’re letting go of the old paradigms and embracing new possibilities to expand our minds.”
–Dr. Vera Smoot Taylor, Morehouse School of Medicine, Faculty Development, Atlanta, GA


Dearest Millicent,
I am a member of The WATTS Women’s Group (Women Aspiring Together To Succeed), and I wanted to take a moment to thank you for such a wonderful experience on Sunday!  I had previously purchased your book on-line and I have to say that everything started out great because I received the book the very next day.  That has never happened in all my years of ordering on line.  I read your book, which I really enjoyed and it made me stop and think about how I’ve been living my life.  It made me stop and really give it some deep thought.  I realized that I was living my life on the surface, and I never really dove into what I really, really wanted for myself and how I was really getting in my own way.  In a light hearted way, this book made me stop and really think.  However, I have to say, it was such a treat hearing you read the book to us in person because I got so much more out of it than the first time by myself.  I would have to say that anyone that reads the book and does not get to listen to you read it and share your reasons for writing certain things, are really missing a treat!  You were so soulful and truthful in your conversation with us and I really "felt" what you were saying to us!  Even your tone of voice was so reassuring to us.

All I can say (and it is not enough) is THANK YOU for such a wonderful experience!!!
-Forever grateful, Joanne Simmons



Dear Millicent, Whenever the voice of “the other” crops up, I remember the cure: “Thank you for sharing” and I practice the heart exercises. It’s amazing how easy it is to change my state and my outcomes after your course. 
– Martin H.


Millicent, your email came at a very good time. I was having a very down day and the reminder of LIGMO came at exactly the right time. I had almost forgotten about that wonderful little book I read on vacation. You wrote that book about me! The content was exactly what I needed. I loved the short, to the point messages. The best feature is the size!  I am going to put it in my briefcase to carry with me all the time. I may call you in a few days, if that’s ok. I’d love to talk to you and share details of my awakenings. – Joan S.

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