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Its time to let go of grievances, judgments and criticisms and create a culture that serves everyone in the highest and best way and assures that the vision and mission remain the focal point.

  • Do you take the energy from you job home and find that it has a negative impact on your family?

  • Do you have lots of unnecessary conflict which affects personal productivity?

  • Do you hate going in because you want to avoid working with certain people?


If any of this sounds familiar then you want me to help peel back the layers of unwanted energy to help your team let go of unnecessary stress, increase their focus and get the job done with a smile. All smart Business Leaders want that!

Business Leaders are looking for results and that begins with good training and solid and authentic communication. Many organizations lack clear ground rules for communication and how to diffuse unnecessary conflict due to mis-understandings. Left unchecked, small grievances, judgments and criticisms can mount into a powder keg of negativity and before you know it,  productivity is out the door.


The beauty of my seminars and coaching is that its based on universal principles which are easy to understand and embrace. With all of the many things competing for our attention these days, people need simple concepts that they can easily grasp and apply immediately. That's what I bring and I use a disardming and charming approach which models a fresh way to get the point across!


Are you ready for me to activate your team with a positive and empowering message for the good of all? Then Let's Get Started!

Does your team suffer from personal or work related stress and drama and are you at a loss for what to do?

 In a world rife with stress,

Smart Business Leaders invest in 

Professional Development Tools

to help employees align with the mission,

improve communication and productivity,

and have fun while doing it!

What Clients Are Saying...

“The LIGMO Course and Philosophy is a mind, body and spirit experience rooted in virtues. I got tools I can apply to every area of my life!”


– Jamila Canady, Assoc. Director, Continuing Education, Spelman College, Atlanta, GA

"My staff and the DeKalb Workforce Investment Board have both enjoyed this timely and relevant message, and Millicent's dynamic energy makes it fun and non-threatening as we broached sensitive topics. Millicent is a masterful facilitator and we gladly refer her and are planning to have her return again very soon to take the training to the next level."


– Sheryl B. C. Stone, DeKalb Workforce Development, Atlanta, GA

Hire Millicent for a Training at your Organization to improve attitudes and morale, reduce stress and drama and build more positive and cohesive teams.

Everyone will Thank You!

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