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The Simply Ridiculous Book Series are based on REAL LIFE STORIES!

The Simply Ridiculous Book Series was birthed out of Millicent's own life experiences and are ALL TRUE.


Millicent believes that the one who tells the truth gets free, but no one said it would be pretty! In her simple and candid style, she shares how shame had her in bondage and once she let go of shame and learned to forgive her ridiculous self and laugh at the folly of the human experience, she got free!


Each book is simply written and provides lessons and insights that are easy to identify with as each depicts common human experiences. Everyone loves reading them and roots for Millicent's iconic and lovable stick figure avatar MeMe.

The 3 Principles of LIGMO gives insights into what LIGMO is all about and how easy it is to learn! You will appreciate the simplicity and importance of Letting Go of EVERTYTHING that is Simply Ridiculous after reading this Ebook.


You will learn the importance of:

  • Self-Awareness

  • Emotional-Management

  • Personal Mastery


This Ebook is a quick fun read with MeMe illustrations that starts the Let It Go conversation with Millicent. Enjoy!


I love poetry and "Myself" is a powerful poem by Edgar Guest. Its one of my many favorites and especially relevant as we really work on being our best selves. 


I have all of my coaching clients read it and reflect on its significance and relevance to them. Click the image to enlarge. Please download it, read it and reflect on its meaning as deeply as I do and let me know what kind of impact this beautiful and heart-felt expression has on you. 

Simply Ridiculous Spoken Word Song

Downoad and enjoy this smooth R&B Spoken Word by Millicent

  • Spoken Word with catchy lyrics and groovy beat

  • Lyrics by Millicent St.Claire

  • Music and background vocals by Alphonso Mays

Simply Ridiculous - Millicent St.Claire

FREE Audio Podcast

This cool audio podcast contain:

  • A Special Background and Introduction to the book Simply Ridiculous

  • Spoken Word Musical Piece by Millicent St. Claire

  • A Ten Minute Let It Go Meditation

Intro to LIGMO and Spoken Word - Millicent StClaire
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