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If we're not being our best selves, then what are we doing?
And if we're not bringing out the best in others, then just what are we doing?
These two simple questions are pivitol to everything I share and when I was introduced to the Virtues Project, I discovered positive, practical and universal principles and tools that everyone could relate to without prejudice that could help us be our best selves and bring out the best in others.
Virtues are sometimes expressed as values, character, or qualities that one possesses or has developed. These 52 Virtues are what we must all strive for, in spite of any belief system as there is no conflict.
I enjoy sharing the Virtues as they have so much intrinsic meaning to each of us and it is easy to identify ourselves with them, and easily recognize the areas where we need improvement.
Although this is a stand alone program, I incorporate it into my training segments when I can to start an expanded conversation of how to be our best selves and improve our communication with others.
Without consensus about conduct, there is mayhem. Part of what I do is to help individuals and organizations create new agreements, including Don Miguel's Four Agreements, and then to examine The Virtues and the benefit of living according to these beautiful and life affirming principles.
We are all at a crossroads in these times and we have a choice to make in each moment how we want to show up. Consider these three simple questions:
  • Who are you to other people?
  • Who are other people to you?
  • Who are you to yourself?
What are the perceptions that are shaping your relationships, either for the good, or not? Realize that you have the power to change everything in your world by first changing yourself and that starts by defining the Virtues and Values you will live by and then living into them daily!

Are you ready to transform and unify your School or Organization with the Power and Excellence of the Virtues?

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