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Training and Consulting

Leader of one, leader of many. If you can't lead one, you can't lead any!

Leadership starts with self and effective leadership and teambuilding go hand in hand and is a must in todays competitive global environment. Improving communicationand developing skills for resolving conflicts translates into every area of our lives. 

This fun and engaging training series shows students and adult professionals alike how to deal with difficult personalities and challenging circumstances, which often affect an organizations success and outcomes.

In this interactive program, students will discover:

  • Improved communication skills to establish meaningful connections and reduce conflict 

  • Practical strategies to build cohesive teams

  • Stress management techniques rooted in science that work astonishingly quickly

  • How to build an organizational culture of quality and excellence through innovative character education

  • Honoring diversity and recognizing differences as strengths

Perfect for: Organizational Development, Leadership Retreats/Conferences, Staff Development Programs

The LIGMO Leadership Program challenges students to examine themselves and ask:
If you're not being your best self, what are you doing?
And if you're not bringing out the best in others, just what are you doing?
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