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Develop a Skillset to Master the Information Age
with the PhotoReading Whole Mind System

PhotoReading Whole Mind System

for Personal & Professional Growth

Develop your mind and stay on top of the information age, or else you will get left behind...


Face it! We live in the informaiton age and we need new skills to compete in this new global economy. PhotoReading provides tools to learn faster and better to keep up with the explosion of information!


Millicent will teach you a simple Five Step Protocol to help you gain access to the powers of your inner mind and develop your brain's natural abilities. Seriously. No hype!

Millicent discusses Activation

This interview shares the PhotoReadiing Process

Are you guilty of having a stack of unread books on your shelf, your nightstand, throughout your house or at work?


Are you ready to relieve yourself of the guilt of having all of those unread books hanging around? Are you ready to read them and get it done? There is a world of knowledge beckoning to you and you need new skills to help you get your reading done in record time, with improved memory and comprehension. If that's your desire, then PhotoReading is perfect for you!


You are still using the same skills to read that you learned in elementary school! And most of us know more about our electronic gadgets and devices than we do our own mind. Allow Millicent to introduce you to yourself and what your mind is capable of.

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PhotoReading is an Innovation consisting of three powerful technologies...

What you will learn: This is the richest course ever as it consists of 3 Leading Edge Technologies which make it effective and fun:

  • Accelerated Learning: Formalized and developed by Dr. Georgi Lozanov in Bulgaria in the 1960s and 70s primarily for the rapid acquisition of language. Peter Kline, one of the nation’s top accelerated learning experts, worked with Paul Scheele (the developer of PhotoReading) in 1985 to integrate accelerated learning into the PhotoReading program.

  • Among other things, NLP says that if one person performs a particular task, he or she must click a certain set of neural circuits in a particular order. If another person is to perform basically the same task, this person must click those same circuits in that same particular order. With NLP you can figure out how one person is clicking and teach another to click that same way. Paul trained with NLP developers Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the late 1970s and early 80s and figured out how natural PhotoReaders were clicking their circuits. He developed PhotoReading to teach everyone to click the same way.

  • Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP): involves learning below the threshold of conscious awareness -- subconsciously. Learning by delibrately engaging the subconscious, unconscious, or inner mind is what PhotoReading is all about. It bypasses the limitations of the conscious mind and plants the information directly into the other-than-conscious mind.Preconscious processing:

  • Bonus Courses: We incorporate the use of Educational Kinesiology (aka: Brain Gym), Mind Mapping and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) into the course to make it rich and unforgettable!

Two Ways to Get Access to a PhotoReading Seminar

Register for a Public PhotoReading Seminar 

with Millicent St. Claire

Discover How to Sponsor Your Own
Private PhotoReading Seminar!

Imagine sponsoring your family or master-mind group so that they get access to this wonderful program! They will love you forever.


You can make arrangements to have Millicent fly to your city and teach a course exclusively to your group, using materials most relevant to your goals! How cool is that?


Click this link for the requirements on how to Sponsor Your Own Private PhotoReading Seminar.

Look inside a PhotoReading Seminar with Millicent

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Get Registered so you can KEEP UP in this Information Age!

Or Get Left Behind.

PhotoReading Testimonials

Alvin B. Munson, Author and Radical Historian

The PhotoReading Course was much, much more than I expected. I learned multiple ways to PhotoRead and received fifty times the value I paid for. Even for an avid reader like myself, I am so appreciative of this new opportunity to be able to read and comprehend many more books.


Mary Paguaga, SOS Mary, Professional Organizer

This has been three days of content, assimilation and practice in accessing the power of my mind. Millicent is powerfully engaging and her experience in multiple modalities of learning, teaching and enhanced consciousness  helps to educate and empower on so many levels. I feel very fortunate to have received the mighty key to unlock so much more in my everyday life. Many Thanks!


Daniel Jackson, Morehouse College Student

I have to say that the positive energy and excitement I felt in this class greatly enhanced my learning experience. I can’t thank you enough for this great experience and for helping me to discover the power of my subconscious mind through PhotoReading.

Michael Mincey, Art and Design Student

This was the most amazing class I’ve ever taken. My suggestion is that it should be longer because there is so much to learn and I couldn’t get enough of the knowledge and positive energy!


Malik Evans, Morehouse Psychology Student

Personal biases aside, you are an incredible teacher and this really is one of the most outstanding courses I’ve ever taken. As a college student, I was in awe of how you kept us engaged and how you trained us to get into the right state, which greatly improved my ability to focus and get the most out of my PhotoReading, regular reading and my activation sessions. My comprehension is going through the roof.


James Powell, Musician and Internet Marketer

I experienced a transformation in my whole being, firstly, being able to let go of my anxiety around learning. Once I learned rhythmic breathing, I was able to relax and surrender my old thinking, opening myself up to a new paradigm of learning. I am now able to create mind maps, process information quicker and with ease and confidence.

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