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Millicent's books are perfect for Women's Conferences, 
Student Leadership Programs, Staff Development, and Retreats
Negativity & Drama is
Simply Ridiculous!


In this first book of the series, readers are introduced to MeMe, the beloved stick-figure character that goes through many ridiculous antics before coming to the light and learning how to LIGMO - Let It Go and Move On.


MeMe is confronted with her own negative thinking and old programs such as holding on to the need to be right; finger pointing, blaming & judging; playing the victim role; and faking it and pretending. She finally comes to the light, and not a minute too soon! 

This small picture book contains 50 Simple,  Emotional Illustrations
by the Author that are guaranteed to pull at
your Heartstrings as she
ecourages readers to
Let It Go & Move On!
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Looking for Love in all
the wrong places
is Simply Ridiculous!


Struggling with loneliness, and many failed relationships, MeMe searches in desperation for real love. She looks high she looks low, trying to find someone to rescue her from her ridiculous self. Eventually she built a wall around herself and shut others out. 


After having a strange dream, she realizes that before she can find the love she is looking for, she must first discover the greatest love of all - inside herself.

This picture book contains
10 Candid and Emotional Illustrations by the Author 
that reveal how
Simply Ridiculous
it is to yearn
for love without first
loving yourself.
Super Easy Read.
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Not Surrendering is
Simply Ridiculous!


Book two shares the story of a real life prison experience after being traumatized by violence and then fighting fire with fire. In this volume, MeMe has a sledgehammer awakening and then comes face to face with herself in a scuffy jailhouse mirror.


MeMe realizes is confronted with the truth that her 'best thinking' led her to prison. The truth of the twelve steps helps her realize the truth of surrendering in an unexpected way.

This 47 page true story contains 7 simple
illustrations by the Author
 that capture the essence of her awakening 
during prison and the
stinking thinking that
led her there. 
A must read!

Unbreakable Spirit - A Best Seller

Millicent was invited by her good friend Lisa Nichols to participate in one of her book projects entitled Unbreakable Spirit. Millicent expressed a bit of hesitancy because she felt that way too many stories had been told about battered women, violence, death and prison. After years of teaching violence prevention programs, she moved into a new phase of her life and was teaching accelerated learning courses. She loved expanding herself and others and didn't want to be identified with old worn-out past experiences. She was indeed unbreakable and after a four year stint in prison, she re-created herself and moved on.


Knowing the depth and bredth of the story, Lisa argued and insisted that her story had to be told. Millicent shares with a stark honesty and clairty of mind that is riveting. Millicent's story was chosen to be the first in this best seller because of its gripping athenticity. In her chapter, "Right where I needed to be" Millicent share her experience of ending up in prison where she came face to face with herself in a jailhouse mirror as well as her sledgehammer awakenings, and in those moments, she took total responsibility for her life and all the decisions she made that led her to that awful place.


Unbreakable Spirit is a compilation of 39 true stories and Millicent's story was the most remarkable and as one reader said, "It stops you in your tracks and brings you to your knees."

Millicent's story will stop you in your tracks and bring you to your knees.

She is a true Ambassador of Fortitude.

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